How to order

First open an account.

1 Read the information of the event you are interested in.

2 Order your stand (one event per order). The amount of the stand will split in 50% prepayment (within 30 days after invoice) and 50% to be payed before 2 months before the event. You will get 2 separate invoices for this.

3 Fill in your information on the check-out page and complete your order by agreeing to the terms and conditions. Don’t forget to specify your products, because we select on that info and keep you to it on the event.

If you fill in a valid VAT number, the VAT will be removed from the order. This will be checked in the EU VAT database.

* If there is something wrong with the order, you can go back with your browser and adjust your cart on the above right. Please only order for 1 event per order.